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We specialise in custom made solutions. Our communication products are user-friendly, completely wireless and scalable to your wishes and needs. Thanks to the open communication system of United Headsets you are assured of safe and simple communication, as it should be.

Whether you're looking to streamline intern communication, improve your efficiency or serve customers better. United Headsets is happy to help you find a fitting solution.

Curious what United Headsets can do for your business? Feel free to contact us and/or request a demo on site with one of our account managers. 


Featured products

Desinfection Spray 400ml

£ 9.90 excl tax £ 8.53 excl tax
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Motorola CLPe 0,5W (with charger + earpiece)

  • Bereik: 7,400 m2 / 6 Verdiepingen
  • Spreektijd: >20 uur
  • Gewicht: 100 gram
£ 220.00 excl tax £ 189.46 excl tax
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Motorola Earpiece Single pin CLPe

Day-in, day-out performance. Motorola CLPe series improved standard in-line PTT earpiece.
£ 23.50 excl tax £ 20.24 excl tax
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United Headsets Max 40 stereo USB MS

United Headsets Max 40 Stereo USB MS. Premium headset for Contact Centers and offices. With noise cancelling microphone and dynamic speaker.
  • Gewicht: 100 gram
  • Draagstijlen: Duo/Stereo
  • Geluid: Wideband
£ 107.00 excl tax £ 92.15 excl tax
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United Headsets Retail headset (no headband)

United Headsets Retail mono DECT headset.
  • Connecties: DECT
  • Draagstijlen: Mono/Monaural
  • Bereik: Tot 100 meter
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United Headsets Multi charger

Multi charger for 6 individual headsets.
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